Is It Necessary to Mention Hobbies in a CV?

Have you ever thought to include your hobbies in your CV? You can and should include any hobby that has a relevance on your proposed job responsibilities. Also, you should include hobbies in your resume when applying for a job in a creative company, like Google – they always pay attention to the hobbies of their future possible employees. So, the necessity to include your hobbies depends especially on the company you apply for.

How to Present Your Hobbies on a Resume?

Among the most common questions, you may ask when creating a resume is how to smoothly integrate information about your hobbies along with other details. There aren’t many ways to choose from, so you can choose the most accepted way – just add a special block to your resume and count them there. On the other hand, if you think that wouldn’t be the proper way, you can just add these details to the cover letter. 

Costuman decided to talk about the most valuable hobbies that might actually assist you in succeeding to land a job.

1. Extreme Adventure

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Many people who have leadership skills, prefer extreme sports. So if you’ve decided to apply for a top management position, do not hesitate to add information about your preferences in extreme sports. What do you think your recruiter will consider first of all? Definitely – you’re a risk-taker and you’re not afraid to handle extreme situations. So if this kind of hobby is mentioned on your resume can show you have these valuable traits – which might just land you a leadership role.

2. Yoga

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Why Yoga? The answer is very simple – it’s a powerful way to handle stressful situations successfully. This is what your employer wants from you – to stay calm and move forward even in the most stressful situations. Due to the yoga, most people become more focused, know how to set goals and achieve them. Shows that you can handle pressure in the most effective way.

3. Team Sports

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It is an indisputable fact, that most of the companies need people who feel comfortable in teamwork. This kind of hobby shows that you can be the part of a team, especially if you are applying for a team-based job. It can help you a lot.

4. Video & Photo Production

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Now you may think that these hobbies are not related to any kind of job you apply for except photography or video-related jobs, right? Wrong! This is more related than you can even imagine. These hobbies prove that you can be a good manager, as those require attention to the details and planning skills. Besides that, these hobbies are also an advantage to any job and are highly appreciated by everyone.

5. Community Involvement or Volunteering

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Although being active in your community has no benefits to your personal development at all, it is still one of the most attractive hobbies to include in your CV. Why? Because employers love to hire people who spend their free time working to help others. Besides that, volunteering suggests that you are service-oriented, comfortable with collaboration, and caring. You might even show yourself as perfect for a managerial role without even trying too hard.

6. Playing an Instrument

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Not everyone can play on an instrument. But if you can, even a little, include the “instrumental hobby” in your resume, as it shows your determination. Show that you’re willing to improve yourself, becoming a better personality improving and developing your skills, show that you never stop learning. Show that you’re ready to put time and commitment to improving to your future boss.

7. Climbing

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This kind of sport is considered a sport for leaders and extremely passionate people. If you have already climbed several peaks, you must show that in your resume. You can also mention how climbing helps you to manage stress in your everyday stressful and complicated situations.


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