We live in the color world from birth to death. We don’t notice changes in colors. But nothing is so simple that seems at first sight. The worldwide artists make canvases from the shades of one color. Kazimir Malevich “Black Square” canvas turns over everyone’s soul. This canvas includes only black color.
We want to represent some facts about 5 crazy colors that you surely will be interested in.

1․ Red

In 2005 in Durham University researches have claimed that Red color raises the competitiveness of people. Sports teams choose the red color as their lucky color and they are often winners. Many scientists claim that red color impacts on sex selection: red-blood-meat-hunter-sex-family.

2․ Purple

Egypt Queen Cleopatra was crazy about the purple color. Julius Caesar adopted as a royal color because he was interested in Cleopatra. The process of making this color was difficult and disgusting. They got purple from seashells which were mashed in barrels. At that time Rome smelled seafood.

3․ Chestnut

It may be strange but European artists had got chestnut color from Egypt mummies till 1925. The store “La momie” opened in Rome in 1712 which offered artists high-quality paints.

4․ Yellow

Van Gogh’s “Yellow Time period” that includes “Yellow flowers” could make him crazy. At that time yellow color was full of toxic lead. Vincent Van Gogh liked working keeping palette in the mouth which means that he was continuously poisoned by lead.

5․ Green

The green color could be the reason for Bonaparte’a death. In 1775 Carl Wilhelm Scheele created something that later was called Green killer. That paint was made of a huge amount of arsenic but it was used to paint the walls of children’s rooms. Napoleon’s halls were painted by this color on st. Helen’s island. High level of dampness made arsenic pollute air faster than normal and it was the reason why a lot of arsenic was found on his hair.