Friendship is quite a complicated phenomenon which doesn’t run smoothly. On the other side, it evolves constantly and doesn’t ask any size or shape for making friends. July 30 is the International Day of Friendship, so this is the perfect time to celebrate those people in your life who care for you, need you and know everything about you.  

Generally, there are no any rules on the number of friends we can have or how we interact with them. But there are some kind of people we need in our lives to make it better, easier and to move forward.

1. The Dreamer

This is the type of friend who wants and makes things better everywhere. This type of trait is a good factor to reach newer heights all the time, especially at the time when you feel stressed or unhappy. They assist you in staying connected, try something new and reach something big.

2. The Mentor

You are really happy if you have someone who is smart, and admirable in your life who gives you various valuable advice that help you to achieve your goals. Having this kind of friend is a real treasure as they inspire us to become better personalities without making us feel inadequate. 

A wise mentor doesn’t have to be someone who shares your occupation or hobby with you. It’s just someone who’s a few steps ahead of you in life, has done some things more than you and has enough wisdom, patience, and practice to guide you in the right direction throughout your life. Particularly, it can be a friend from your workplace, colleague, an older brother, in nutshell – the kind of person who you admire and want to be more like them.

3. The Motivator

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We all need someone, who inspires us to do better than we know how. Many things happen in our lives when we lose mood or become unhappy because something we planned didn’t happen. The “motivator” type of friend always knows what to say at the situation when you’re broken. They know how exactly raise your mood, inspire you and light in you the fire that will drive you to move forward. Without these kinds of friends, your life will be harder than you can imagine. 

4. Brutally Honest Confidant

There are certain situations in life where we just need the truth and not what we like to hear. Here comes the assistance of brutally honest confidant type of friend. They come to assist you at the time when everyone’s telling you that everything is just perfect, nothing to worry about or no need to change anything. During these situations your honest friend will tell you to stop thinking that you have nothing to change – you should change a lot of things, friends are supposed, to be honest with each other. If you have found this kind of person, then stuck to them – this is a rare phenomenon these days.

5. The Devil’s Advocate

This person is the critical thinker – they see the whole picture and predict things before they can happen, they ask questions that nobody can think about. You definitely need these kinds of people aside from you, as anything can happen in your life. They’re blunt, but they always think and take care of you.



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