If you are a parent, you definitely worry about your children’s safety a lot. You put them in the first place and your best them to feel happy. In today’s world, social media is something you can’t avoid, as your children will spend there more than even in the real world. However, social media can be quite a dangerous playground because of some cause. While there’s a good reason for that, it’s not easy for you to understand why Facebook or Twitter is such a big deal. In order to keep your youngsters safe, you need to follow these useful tips.

1. Be Cautious of Friend Requests

Sure, it’s great to connect with new people through social people. You should be attentive here. Aa complete stranger sends you a friend request? Talk to your children. Tell them to only accept friend requests from the people they know in the real world. Besides that, friend requests from strangers mostly appear to be spambots. Fake profiles are also created for cyberbullying. So when a new friend request comes in, check their profile first and see if everything looks good.

2. Think Before You Post!

Limit personal contact information in your profile and posts. Never give away your phone number or address. Keep private information private. If you want to share this information with a friend, do it directly by phone or text.

3. Check Your Privacy Settings

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When we talk about internet accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or other Social Networks, your safety depends on your password.

In addition to using weak passwords too often on Facebook, “people don’t have their two-step verification set up either.” This makes it far too easy to hack into a person’s account and even gain access to things like their phone. In a nutshell, keep your social profile strictly private

4. Turn Off Location Services


Avoid using location services in Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, and other social networks, as it can be quite dangerous for your children. Just in any case turn off the location in your children’s phones, tablets and other devices they can use.

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