Have you ever wondered why you’re attracted to certain people? And, of course, you’ve found many answers to that. It’s all about some type of energy and gravitation. Some men spend years and even their whole lives to find to find a woman who values them for their character. For that, men should also work on them much to get the women they want, as it’s not just cash and expensive accessories that attract women in the first place. 

We introduce to you the core eight qualities in men that women find sexy and attractive.

1. Self-confidence

This is the trait not all men have. Moreover, many men don’t gain confidence quality during their whole lives. In this case, the men who make decisions and solve problems, make women feel secure and get their attraction. So instead of having expensive cars or spending much money, men are expected to be also persistent and confident. Finally, confident men know what they want from life and this is what women expect from them. 

2. Presence

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The woman you meet with should feel your presence when she’s talking to you. Let’s be honest – any woman can feel whether you are present at the place while you talk, or maybe you are deeply engaged in one of your job tasks or you’re thinking about anything else. Do your best to learn to be more present! There are numerous ways leading to that. For instance, yoga or meditation is one of the most proved ways to do so.

3. Responsibility

Have you ever met a woman who says that she loves unresponsible and not-committed man? Absolutely no! Women love such kind of men who make commitments and follow through. Responsibility is kind of a positive signal that you can be a wonderful spouse. Be responsible even in the least important things and you’ll capture her heart.

The sense of responsibility relates also to fatherhood. Women want to be sure that you can be a good father and a real example for your future children. One of the brilliant ways to show her that part is to tell her about the intern you are mentoring at work, or about any of your younger buddies to show her you can be not solely attentive, but also caring for young ones.

4. Strong & Healthy Body

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A fit body is the part of a man that women notice on the first place, especially you have wide shoulders, strong hands and abs which are some kind of sign for her of strength a toned masculine body. We’re talking about being a bodybuilder or an athlete on steroids, but let’s agree that in the majority cases a fat body does not appeal to women. Start work on your body, try as hard as you can and you’ll the positive changes very soon. 

5. Trust & Honesty

Undoubtedly, honesty and trust are among the most important qualities in all relationships. Trust comes after being honestly enough. Any woman thinks whether she can trust you if you’re honest with her or you’re hiding secrets from her. And it’s not just about being honest with her – you must also be honest with yourself. The sooner you that, the sooner you’ll solve issues concerning your struggles, bad expectations, challenges, strengths, and weaknesses. Be truthful and by that, you’ll show to the woman that you have the potential to be a good man, good father, and a decent partner. 

6. Passion

What’s your purpose in life? How passionate are you about it? If you haven’t still done that, it’s time to discover it. Start from asking yourself what you’re most passionate about. Maybe you’d like to deal with something that you are afraid of, but have been passionate about for a long time. Do what you love, love what you do, share it with the whole world.

7. Humor

Some women put this chart even on the top of the list. Have you wondered why? Because humor has the ability to lighten a mood. Life is a difficult thing. She wants to feel relaxed and to live it without stress and hard situations which are inevitable. During her difficult times, it’s your sense of humor what she needs. Add joy and light to her life!

8. Being Good in Bed

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Shy when it comes to sex? Then you should work on yourself! Women are more attracted to men who are experienced or know all about these sexual communications. Don’t be shy to even talk about it. Women struggle with talking openly about what they want in bed. Your fit body already tells women that you can keep up with her in bed. After all, if it’s still difficult for you to please her, you can boost libido with pills. Remember – when it comes to a family life, she must be sure that you’re the one she wants to be with throughout whole her life! 

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