We’ve decided to write the following article as many young men think about this situation all the time. There are numerous reasons why you don’t have a normal dating life – your job, daily obstacles, various family-related issues.

Costuman Men’s Magazine presents you with the core and the most common issues which have their negative impact on your dating life. After reading this, we hope you’ll be able to start your dating life from a blank page and move forward. 

1. You Are Too Boring

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Have you such a situation during your date that you talk all the time about your work? Work, work, work. Stop it! Talking all the time about your job is boring. Talk about anything else, another more interesting topic. Try to talk about museums, theater, any upcoming concert trying to find out if you can invite her to that concert. If you don’t have time to do such things, find it – life goes on. Try to manage your time more effectively, otherwise one day you’ll realize that you’re already 50 and you haven’t had time to make a family. Come on – WAKE UP! 

2. You Talk About Yourself All the Time

Talking all the time about what you want, will eventually repulse her from you. Get rid of this bad habit! Start to ask her questions. Start to know her better, about her preferences, her taste, her job, whether she has a pet or maybe she likes adventures. There are numerous topics to talk about. Stop thinking about you – think and take care of her.

3. You Only Date Your “Type”

Dating your kind of female can be quite ineffective, as you may not find the one you want. Think of it a moment – if you feel that all the people you’ve met with have your characteristic traits, then it’s time to date not your type of person. 

4. Because You’re Jaded

You have been on so many bad dates that you just don’t want to do it again. You’re not thinking about the fact that it’s time to change something. Sometimes, you are even ready to afford a prostitute who will immediately leave you after your meeting and will leave you alone. Start to think positively, don’t spoil your life.

5. You are a Narcissist

Costuman mens fashion Narcissist

Are you a Narcissist? No? Maybe you are, but you don’t know about it. Maybe you are so egoist that you believe other people have born on earth to entertain you? You are so selfish that don’t even think about the other people, particularly women as individuals. This chart is a huge disturbing circumstance why your date life sucks.

6. Bad Communication

Moving parallel with the technological development can harm communicating with people. On the one hand, using such tools like FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, or liking other people’s posts is much of fun. But on the other hand, throughout the time you realize that you’re beginning to stop the real-time communication. Try to meet your friends or other people to recover your communication skills, after that do your best during the date. 

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