If you think no one will wear clothes from high fashion, you are deeply wrong. Alexander McQueen inherited us such rich collections that the fashion world would remember the royal family designer’s works long. They really are artworks, and if you don’t wear jackets and trousers with forest patterns, you should put them in the frame and hang in the evidence place.

Here you can find a familiarity sense about this collection. It continued in the same way as McQueen’s Fall collection suggesting transformation from street to ceremony and plenty of luxury decorations in eveningwear, combined with white sneakers for a modern feel.

Obviously, besides the decorated pieces, the key aim of McQueen was to sell out all the collection when they hit stores. The whole collection is referenced on a rich seam of classic English tailoring, of braid-bedecked military suiting and officer’s dress that is so vital to the 21st-century survival of Saile Row, where young McQueen first learned his profession.

All the photos from vogue.com

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