In Fashion language, John Varvatos’s hero has been changed a lot. From affected rocker dandy he has been transformed into something more grounded, strong and less peacocky. Varvatos describes his hero as an “urban romantic”.
Undoubtedly, there is an urgent melancholy in the collection, which extremally was highlighted by shaggy-haired, thin models strolling from the darkness of the hall.
Collars were in combination with internal wires, linen suits were woven with metallic fibers, black fencing jackets were with buttons, and moto jackets were lengthened. All these were combined with narrow boots and scarfs tied nonchalantly.
In most models, John Varvatos skillfully realized the mess rakish poet with vintage threads going back to another time and another place. “Like something out of old Province,” the designer said, “that transcends modern notions of athleisure or whatever buzzwords are floating around now.”

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