It was Japan that gave the marbled meat to humanity 140 years ago. The opinions differ about the point whether it is necessary to value the marbled meat so high or not.

The marbled meat is considered exclusive because it is received during the selective breeding of livestock. In order for the meat to have a marbled appearance, bulls are given special feed in special conditions. The result is a special kind of meat that has many white fat knots similar to marble patterns.

Marbled meat is received during a very difficult process, so it is very expensive: for example, in Japan, it costs 500$ per kilogram. This kind of meat is very soft for the palate because the pieces of fat are spread specifically; besides it smells very well and it is very succulent. Many gourmands can only wish about this kind of meat. The most important circumstance is that the pieces of fat appear only if the meat is frozen up to 24 hours.

No matter whether the meat is marbled or not, if frozen, it’s quality is higher than in ordinary conditions. As a rule, enzymes make solid tissues fragile, and the meat becomes soft. The level of fatness in marbled meat is different – it hesitates from 0 to 12.

Researches have claimed that the level of marbling does not make any evident changes in the taste of meat. The most marbled meat taste differs from the least marbled meat taste by 10%. Marbled meat has various kinds: abundant, moderately abundant, moderate, small, slight. Besides the fact that marbled meat is very expensive, there is also a big competition between its sellers.

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Now it is produced not only in Japan but also in Canada, USA, Australia, Germany. The Japanese claim that the real marbled meat belongs to them because they are the only nation mastered in old technology that makes marbled meat.

High-quality restaurants have big incomes from selling marbled meat so this kind of meat is considered to be an elite product. Surely if the meat is prepared well, it tastes awesome.

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