“My name is Bond – James Bond!” – these are probably the most famous words pronounced in James Bond movies, where currently Daniel Craig plays the role of the British agent. Throughout the years his style has remained the same – awesome. How’s he doing that? Here you are – the 5 most stylish lessons from the Agent 007.

1. Small Details Do Matter

You’ll agree that the suits of James Bond in Spectre are just awesome. Bond’s suit jackets, for instance, are three-button rather than two. He wears them with only the middle button fastened, without clasping the top and bottom buttons.

Do you wonder why? Because it comes from a very traditional British style and updates it a little without losing the classic elegance of the suit.

2. Know What Suits You

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James Bond actor never wears what doesn’t fit him. Besides, he has blue eyes, so navy, grey or other dark colored suit does fit him easily. He doesn’t ever wear clothes that don’t suit him, and this is a fact. Creating your individual style will create yourself as a person who knows what to wear and will look better than anyone else.

3. Brown Shoes

Looking for shoes that will go with anything? Agent 007 demonstrates perfectly that brown can be your color of choice. They are one of the most stylish shoe colors that you choose. It goes with many clothes and stylish items regardless of you’re wearing jeans or classic. 

4. When in Doubt, Stick to Block Colors

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If you don’t know how to suit up at your next event, Daniel Craig’s stylebook is the perfect place for that. He knows exactly how to wear the hell out of a suit and look perfectly. The most common colors he chooses, are in dark or light shades, and it doesn’t matter. In this case, it’s much easier t choose any darker or lighter shades of suiting. 

5. Buy Classic Pieces Instead of Trends

And the last one – you shouldn’t run after the trends because you shouldn’t always wear what’s fashionable. What if the newest fashion doesn’t suit you? That’s right – create your own suit and go with that. Like Craig wears pea coats, navy blazers, shawl neck knits, or leather bombers, you can also get classic pieces instead of buying trendy ones, which will go out of trends throughout the time. 

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