Men are spending too much money on clothes they don’t really need or even wear. According to a study conducted by American Express and Nectar, men spend 43 percent more on clothes every month than women do – shelling out £115 compared to their female counterparts, who only splurge a more modest £81. 

However, instead of spending a huge amount of money on the trendy unnecessary wearings, men can just use the things that never go out of the style. 

1. Dark Colored Suit

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This is the N1 suit color that men prefer to wear, especially in North America. All stores specializing in men’s suits will carry a navy-colored one and you will find there. 

A navy-blue suit makes you look stronger, more masculine and more confident. Regardless of your height or weight, this kind of suit can work wonders for you. Just make sure you find one that won’t go out of style and really fits you.

2. Watches That Get Compliments

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Although the watches sometimes become outdated, there are several among them which don’t lose their attractiveness. It is possible only to check the time on a phone. Fair enough! It is much quicker to know the time due to your watch. It’s quicker, more comfortable and requires fewer efforts.

Wearing a watch is much more than you can even imagine. It’s about your relationship with time. It’s a way of telling the world that you come and that your time does matter.

3. Colorful Ties

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If we go back thousands of years and look at the Terracotta Soldiers in China what would we see? They’re wearing scarves. Or even going not so back, just a few hundred years to the Napoleonic wars – the situation is the same. 

The color of a necktie is also important, as each color sends some message. A red necktie, overall, signals confidence and love. On the other sphere – in sports, the athletes who wear red are known to outperform their opponents. The red color is also the color of politicians, which politician doesn’t love to gain advantages. Here, the ties are one of their foxy ways to do that.

There are also other common colors, like blue, which is more a formal, business and is boosting our ability to think creatively, purple symbolizes royalty, etc. So men definitely will not stop wearing ties, as it is a way to show their happiness, sadness, confidence or any other behavior in various situations.

4. A Signature Fragrance

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You may be surprised to know that looking like Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Justin Timberlake doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the girl. Exactly – it’s all about your smell! 

Perfume and deodorant definitely play their roles. Smelling good is not a habit – it’s a way of living. Nobody wants to smell bad, and this is one of the advantages men use this power to their advantage. 

5. Classic Men’s Hats


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Hats have become a daily accessory for many modern gentlemen, reminding us of a time in the USA when men wouldn’t leave the house without one. They are already the type of functional men’s accessory that’s appropriate in any season.

Regardless it’s Summer or Winter, or even a rainy weather, men wear hats in any situation and any type of season. Plus, it’s one of the best attributes if you’re it will help your face look better. When you have that confidence and put it on, most probably you’ll be the only man who’s wearing a hat around you. 

We’re encouraging you to enlarge your horizons and couple of stylish hats to your wardrobe arsenal. It will not only add diversity to your outfits, but it will also raise your individuality and confidence.

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