Every clever man has a wardrobe based on this type of clothes: blouses for beaches and bars, derbies for marriage or for work and light-colored sports clothes for every time.

1․ Dark blue blazer and chestnut-colored trousers

Mango Man 2016

Irrefutably it’s the best classic clothes. If these quint-essential colors don’t give a man an attractive look, we aren’t sure, that anything can replace it.

2․ Soft woolen blazer and jeans

J Crew 2015

Non-working clothes can be combined with cold weather: woolen clothes and jeans keep you warm providing your style.

3․ Unstructured jacket and jeans

Massimo Dutti 2016

This type of jackets are cool and sit on you easily, it’s an ideal for them who don’t see any difference between straitjacket and suits. These jackets perfectly suit with dark jeans and chinos, rather than checkered and classic trousers.

4․ Checkered blazer and uncertain-colored gentle trousers


If the blazer is boring and its colors are dull, choose the checkered ones.

5․ Green and blue

Gant Rugger 2015

These two colors seems to be created to be worn together.

6․ Soil shades

Mango Man 2016

Discolored white, light chestnut-color, stone-color, red-chestnut-color, green-brown, yellow-chestnut-color all these are soil shades. And they are not only suited to each other but also they are going to be in trend in recent years.

7․ Shades of blue

Selected Homme 2015

Started from childhood boys prefer blue-colored clothes. To compare with black and it’s discolored shade grey, blue also is used a lot. You can’t imagine your wardrobe without this color and its shades. Thus, you should wear a light blue blazer with dark blue trousers. 

8․ Pink and White

Tommy Hilfiger Tailored SS2014

While we are talking about suitable shades for men and women, pink is used in men’s wardrobe. White and pink claim that their owner is ready for summer.

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