Every time when a week comes to its end and there is no need to suffer in office wear, men think what wear for the working Saturday.

“What should I wear if I want to stay fashionable, feel convenient and look nice”, thinks every gentleman.

Sure, you already guess that this article will be about the comfortable casual outlook that gives every man a feeling of self-confidence and convenience.

If you have meetings on the weekend, part-time work, and weekend evenings full of interesting discussions, you can wear a high-collar thin wool sweater. It suits fashionable either with the classic trousers or jeans. You can easily wear a jacket with this type of sweater. The only thing you should take into consideration is the material of the jacket, it should be made of thick fabric. As for colors, you are free to choose the colors you prefer.

Here are some examples we recommend for the weekend smart-casual look.

Combination 1

COSTUMAN - Combination1

This collection is made for people who have a business meeting on Saturday but don’t want to “kill” everybody with the classic and straight suits. Dark gray trousers combined with bordeaux high-collar sweater can be the best decision, especially when you appear in camel classic coat. The informal meeting will pass perfectly and the colleagues will remember your look for a long time, we guarantee.

Combination 2

Dark blue jeans and leather boots, combined with a dark color coat, can be the solution when you are a young freelancer or a designer. And if you are to present your last project to office giants, it is better to have a smart and comfortable look. We also recommend wearing a dark green sweater which will highlight your individuality and high fashion taste.

Combination 3

This combination better suits to gentlemen in middle age, who have their own business, and there are some social compulsion. These people cannot date appearing in meetings in jeans and a teenager’s coat. The fashion has no limits, but some rules are still working. Thus, the blue with its various shades is the best solution for these men.

Costuman - stamp